Monday, November 14, 2011

Landed in Shanghai

After a very long, but rather pleasant flight, I have landed in Shanghai.  A team of hotel maids are now swarming over my room preparing it for bedtime, while I sit here blogging in this elegant room, decked out in plush carpeting, fine wooden furniture, and marbled bathroom.  The St. Regis is one very fine hotel, perhaps the nicest I have ever stayed in.

It is now 4am at home, but it's already 5pm on Monday night.  I've been up for something like 24 hours, but I need to force myself to stay awake for another 4-5 hours so that when I crash into bed this evening, I will be mostly adjusted.

I'm excited... this is my first time in mainland China.  Who knows what the next few days will hold?  I do personally hope that I will be able to live up to Luke's challenge to eat as many strange creatures as I can while I'm here!

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