Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School ... and Sick Day

Today was the first day of school.  Yay!  This is Luke's first year in Middle School, so he was pretty excited.

However, as we set out for the bus stop, no sooner than halfway to the stop, Eddie said he wasn't feeling well (and had the digestive problems to prove it), and ended up not going to school today.

The bus stop was fun... especially when Phil tried to kiss his son, Andrew, goodbye for the day.  That went over real well with Andrew!  And my boys think I'm bad for showing up in a kilt!

In the end, Luke very much enjoyed his first day at Middle School, and was pretty happy with his new teachers.  He was also jazzed to have a number of his old friends in his classes, which could have been an issue since many of his old chums were heading off to different school districts after our county got re-zoned.

For Eddie's part, he spent the day at the distillery doing sketches.  Honestly, based on these sketches, I think his time was pretty well spent too!

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