Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fishing with Grandpa and Kenny

From Luke:

The fishing trip was alot of fun. I didn't catch anything exept for a 25'' Stick. It wqas nice weather though...  :-)

Kenny's boat, The ‘Wahoo!’

Us as we are leaving the docking cove.

Beef jerkey!

We decided to go trolling in the last 30 minutes, before we decided to head in.

Grandpa and i drove to the Arby's quickly to get food and a drink... Mostly the drink though. You can't believe how good it tasted!


P.S.  There were about a million flys, but Granpa wierdly enough liked them, because when the fish weren't biting, we would hear a whack and Grandpa would drop 2 more flys into the water.

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