Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back from Goshen

Today's article is being written by Luke.  (Welcome home, Luke!)

This week, I returned from Camp Marriott in Goshen, Virginia.  I did merit badges and had a great time.  I earned Swimming, Mammal Study, and Basket Weaving.  Basket Weaving was my favorite.  Here are some pictures from camp:

Our troop is obsessed with MTO (Made To Order), so I obviously had to take a picture.

 This is my tent.

This is my friend, Ethan.

 This is Ethan, Jacob and I on the first day at camp.

 This is part of the orienteering course.

 This is the aquatics area.

 This is the chapel where we attended a Mass.

 This a flag ceremony at night.

 This is a picture of the woods around Lake Merriweather.

 This is a picture of the blacksmithing table at Fox Fire.

 This is another picture at Fox Fire.

 This is Greg, pumping air into the fire.

This is Sean, hammering on the anvil.  (Both Sean and Greg were staff.)

 We got to do skeet shooting, and this is a picture of the range.  Past the trees, there was a .22 range, and it was fun.  I got a couple bullseyes.

 This is Ethan with his basket.

 This is me with mine.

This is a not so great picture of Blue Hole.  Blue Hole is a river with a 15 foot rock that you can jump off of into the water.

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