Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Luke's Graduation

Tonight we said goodbye to a great school.  Both boys went to elementary school at Mountain View, a school filled with great teachers and lots of friends.  It is rather bittersweet to leave, we've all been there since Eddie was in Kindergarten.  And now, we look forward to the teen years, but not before we acknowledge Luke's great teachers: Mr. Jenkins, Ms. Dudak, Ms. Coleman, Ms. Barbara, Ms. Roth, and Ms. Sligar.  And let's not forget Ms. Dettmer, Mr. Toohill, Mr. Martin and Ms. Wessel.  Some great folks who helped shape our Lucas into quite the great kid.

A final goodbye to the best elementary school in Loudoun County!

As Eddie and I walked in to the graduation ceremony, Ethan was ready to greet us...

... in his usual ham-bone style.  He's a regular Eddie Haskell, that one!

The teachers and administrators for the graduation.  Mr. Jenkins, Luke's teacher, is in the white shirt, with Mr. Martin (the principal) in the black suit, and Mr. Toohil (the vice principal) in the tan suit.

Luke was one of the students to give out the fifth grade award to the lady who painted the mural in the school.

These are the kids who got to give the mural-artist her award.

Luke receives congratulations from Mr. Martin.

And he receives congratulations and his diploma from Mr. Jenkins.

Walking out of the ceremony.

Cool, dudes.   You are all graduated!

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