Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cocktails in DC

Gina Chersevani is a goddess in DC. Originally from New York City, she is now the undisputed Queen of the Cocktail. Her creations range from tandoori inspired to the kind of sugary sweetness you get from a Saturday morning bowl of cereal milk.

Last night, she did a cocktail demonstration for the Eat, Write, Retreat conference at the Madison Hotel in DC. The cocktail was a Rice Pudding cocktail, and as its base, she used our Mosby's Spirit. I'll let you watch the whole video, but it is a fun demonstration and insight into the cocktail culture.

Also served last night were banana split cocktails made from wine bases, a baked Alaska cocktail which was an alcoholic ice cream float, and dessert by Chef Peter Smith of PS7.

It was a late night, but well worth the trouble!

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