Monday, April 11, 2011

A Letter from Broadway on Times Square

Anytime you get a letter--a letter on very fine stationary--and that letter is return addressed from Broadway in New York City, you know this is going to be some special letter!

And so it was for Eddie. He got a personal letter from the very famous Rachel Roy, left. I am compelled to mention that Rachel Roy is very famous, because if you are not knowledgeable about women's fashion, you might be like "Rachel Who?" (Thinking of my father, my brother, me, probably Becky's dad, and every other man out there, and maybe a quarter of the women.)

Anyhow, yeah, Rachel Roy is pretty famous. Just look her up on Google or Wikipedia and you will see that she is a superstar in fashion.  Not only is she a designer, but she has a line of dresses sold in Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's... you get the idea.

So a while back, Eddie wrote her a letter expressing his desire to get into the fashion industry, and he mailed her some of his designs.  And she was kind enough to reply back personally, below.  Of course, Eddie was thrilled.  I think he's going to frame the letter and put it on the wall in his bedroom.

Who knows, maybe he'll get to meet her some day!

(Photo credit Timothy M. Moore, used under a CC license)

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