Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luke's Science Fair Project

Luke is going to be doing distillations of various non-alcoholic beverages, and measuring the specific gravity of the beverages versus the distillates.  Thanks to Catoctin Creek for offering their space and equipment for the project.

This should be a fairly fun (and informative) project!  Here are some of the photos so far:


Merrick said...

Very cool. Must be nice having that kind of connection for a science project!

sandih1024 said...

Sounds like a prize winning project!!

Grandpa Warren said...

I am just guessing, but wouldn't the liquid in all the things you have in the photo be water? I think it would be interesting to taste the residue left after the distillation. Maybe a few coca cola flakes, or Red Bull salt. Whatever, I think it looks like a great project and a precursor to someone becoming a master distiller!

Scott said...

Yes, MOSTLY water. But not COMPLETELY water. There will be essences of the flavorings in the distillates. And that will affect the specific gravities, which is worth measuring. It should be fun. Somewhat trivial project (in that it doesn't really solve any problem or accomplish anything), but a very good learning exercise for Lucas.

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