Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miriam's Kitchen

Miriam's Kitchen is an organization in DC that feeds homeless people.  Unlike what you may think of when you think of a food shelter, Miriam's strives to feed healthy, wholesome, local, and often organic food to their "customers".  For example, they had ricotta filled crepes for breakfast this morning.  Sounds pretty darn delish!

We had the volunteers from Miriam's Kitchen out with us this weekend helping us to bottle our Watershed Gin.  For them, it was a fun team-building exercise, and for us, well, we got some great help from a group of people who really know what volunteerism is all about!

Super group of people, and a great organization!


Mike said...

It's amazing the blessings you get from giving. I would love to know more about the kitchen and what they do. God is working on me a lot. Ever since we housed our guest for 3 extra nights and I got to know them, God has been tugging at me. I have my eyes and ears open and want to learn from people like these as to what more my church and I can do to make a difference in the lives of people. Looks like you had fun!!

Dad said...

Volunteers like these are the salt of the earth. If there were more people like them, many of the world's problems would diminish. God bless all of them!

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