Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Soccer 2010

Top row: Coach Max, Matt, Seamus, Joey, Ethan, Matthew, Luke, Coach Scott
Bottom row: Jacob, Preston, Aiden, Charlie, Double-Jay, Hayes

Luke's team this year is amazing. He's played with about a third of these kids for a couple of years now, and with Coach Max, the boys are really getting into the groove. Their skills are fantastic, and Coach makes them run a TON, so they're also in terrific shape. They usually outlast the other teams through sheer fitness.

Today's game was one of the most exciting I've seen. The other team was good... really good. But we held them to 0-0 in the first half. Then, in the second half, Luke opened it up with the first goal, from a beautiful cross set-up by Double-Jay and a nice firm tap into the net by Luke. This put us on the board with 1-0, raising our confidence a bit, and lowering the confidence of the other team.

Then, Double-Jay came down with a nearly perfect run and punched it into the goal crisply. Finally, with about a minute left in play, Jacob, our reliably good forward, launched one from the penalty box line to net our 3-0 win.

It was a fantastic game, with great performances by each and every one of these boys. Tomorrow, we play our third game in the tournament, and then, if we score well, we will have a fourth game for the final win. We're hoping to take at least third place in the tournament.

We shall see!!

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