Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best. Halloween. EVER!

Luke and I decided that trick-or-treating was lame... it was much better to hide in the bushes and scare all the little children.  Andrew came over, and the three of us set up positions on the porch among the strobe light and the fog machine... and then we waited.......

This worked beautifully MOST of the time.  We'd scare the be-jesus out of some of the bigger kids, and one foursome of highschoolers avoided us altogether.  However, it failed when the stinger missile of friendly-cheerfulness (i.e. Becky) would come shooting out the front door, and ruin it all by being all "Oh, aren't you cute? You dear little darling!  Oh, SOOO CUTE!"

Andrew complained to Luke, "Dude, your mom is ruining it."

He was right.  Next year, we're sending her on a girls' weekend so we can have the porch to ourselves.

Eddie and Gabi went trick or treating together (old school), Eddie dressed as Catwoman and Gabi as a mad tea party activist (or something like that).

Another great year of paganry... best holiday ever!

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