Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zoikz Level 3 Complete

Okay, so this is really, really nerdy, and I am almost too ashamed to post this, but I will anyway.  For Luke's sake, with whom I share this common interest.

To unwind, I sometimes enjoy the Miniclip game Zoikz.  The game is simple enough.  Place your weapons in the landscape to prevent the bugs from getting through to the other side.  And levels one and two are trivially easy.

But level three has bested me for months and months now, and it had become an obsession to defeat it.  Finally, I changed my strategy based on this video:

After watching this video, which doesn't take the game to full completion, I realized that the slop guns are crucial to pair with the cannons.  Those two are needed to slow everything down enough to be effective.  It is then possible to get past level 40 without losing any life.   From level 40 onward, you simply pile on the cannons, rockets and slop guns in any possible nook or cranny.

Then, once you get far enough along and the money is just pouring in--and you've upgraded every single weapon possible--and this is not until level 57 or so, you can start buying the big electrocution thingies.  But not before then.

Here is the walkthrough of my final four levels:

It was very gratifying to see this game finally to completion.

Whoo.  I'm done.

Time for a new obsession.


Mom said...

You are such a geek!

Barry said...

So glad you posted this... I've been stuck on Level 10 of this game called Bebbled (on the phone). After reading your post I searched online. Apparently I'm not alone, but found out that I can rotate the phone to make the bubbles fall a different direction!!! Who knew! I think I may have a chance now.

Anonymous said...

I am having the same problem - still no luck but I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

And I totally get the obsession thing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tip.Helped me alot. Finally defeated lvl. 3

Anonymous said...

Belive me you have nothing to be embarrassed about showing the rest of us how to solve this puzzle. I have tried for months to complete level 3...always getting to sublevel 47 and always getting out. You have rescued my sanity. My next task is Zoikz 2. I'll be looking for your post some time in the future.


James Hanlon said...

i have beaten level 3 with 10 lives no cheat

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