Monday, August 23, 2010

Camp Nana and the Tilted Kilt

Camp Nana wound up last week. I flew down on Saturday morning to bring the boys back home from Charlotte. Since I was there for the day, we took the boys to Carowinds, where I proceeded to make myself green by riding the roller coasters with Luke. (Becky, where are you when I need you?!) Check out this photo of me and Luke on the "Intimidator". I am honestly fighting to keep down my breakfast in this photo!

After a morning of coasters, we chucked the boys into the wave pool for the remainder of the afternoon where they fought for their lives against the writhing masses of whisky-tango gordita supreme. I have never seen so many bathing suits defying gravity. The laws of physics could not explain how some of these lovely orcas kept their suits on!

Regardless, the boys seemed to enjoy the waves, and we finally took off for dinner, heading to The Tilted Kilt. Mom picked out this place, which I enjoyed immensely. Think of it as a Scottish Hooters, but not quite as classy. (Yeah, that's right, not as classy as Hooters.)

Since it was a kilted restaurant, I figured we should wear the kilt, right? So Luke and I drop trow in the parking lot of Carowinds and donned our nine yards of plaid. It was well worth it, as we received lots of attention from the ladies, who obviously know a couple of Bravehearts when they see them. All the other men could snicker all they want, but we were the ones with the ladies in our arms!

It was super to see all the family last week.  I think the boys really enjoyed spending time with Nana and their cousins.  Here are some photos from the week.  Thanks to Nana for the photos.

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