Saturday, July 03, 2010

Eddie's Birthday

Our little boy wonder is now a teenager!  God help us all!

For Eddie's birthday, we took him to Magnolia's for dinner, where he had a lovely crab cake sandwich.  Here we finally--FINALLY--let him open his gifts.  (The ones he had not already opened for his room, including Nana's "fancy lamp" and some photos and wall hangings he received from his school friends.)

You see, Eddie has grown up.  He's decided to move away from all his airplane models and things he loved when he was little.  So he boxed them all up and cleaned up his room, and gave his entire space a complete makeover.  Eddie is very much into old Hollywood starlets right now, and so we hung a poster of Rita Hayworth and another of Veronica Lake.  He's got a small Warhol-esque print of Marylin Monroe ("I don't want money... I just want to be fabulous!"), and two new chairs with a table between them making a little sitting area. 

Eddie never ceases to amazing and confound me.  How many kids his age know who Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake are, for crying out loud?  I mean, he is a really special kid.

So, how appropriate was it then, that he received from Grandma, from Luke, and from Becky and I, a bunch of old movies:  Gilda with Rita Hayworth, a four-movie set of the essential Katherine Hepburn movies, a set of twenty (yes, twenty!) classic musicals.  The kid was on cloud nine!  He was overjoyed!

After dinner, we headed home for cake and ice cream.  We invited the Wolfes over for dessert as well, especially since Gabi's birthday is just the day before Eddie's.  Gosh, she is growing up too.  She's gotten her hair streaked with blond streaks, new glasses, and she's looking every bit the teenager herself!

The cake was a bit of a train wreck.  It stuck to the pan and wouldn't hold together, so it rather looks like the San Andreas fault.  But it tasted good, and served its purpose.  Eddie didn't seem to mind.

And so, Eddie is thirteen.  I suppose this is some kind of a milestone, and it frightens me beyond words to think that in two and a half years, he'll be driving, and in four or five, he'll be gone.  Seriously, where does the time go?  It seems only yesterday he was toddling around the house talking about "teppich" and "topter topters."  Life moves fast folks... you really have to enjoy it while its here.

So, Happy Birthday, Eddie!  We love you!

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