Friday, April 30, 2010

Eddie Sings for His School Festival

Eddie got the opportunity to sing a solo at his school festival yesterday evening.  He sang well, except that there was this annoying man in the very front row, not less than six feet away from Eddie, who insisted on talking on his cell phone at the beginning of the performance!  You can even see Mr. Baber (Eddie's teacher) giving the guy the evil-stink-eye when the phone rings.  We were flabbergasted that he took the call and proceeded to talk during the beginning of Eddie's performance.  What a jerk!  I wish I had thrown something at him.

Regardless, Eddie did fine.  I think we should have put his music in front of him, so he didn't have to keep shifting away from the mic, but despite that, we're very proud of him.  This piece, by Arlen Clarke, is a variation on the traditional "Amazing Grace".  The piece has quite a range, and Eddie did great in reaching some of those highest notes.  Won't be long before he's not able to do that any more.

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