Friday, April 02, 2010

Bottling Day at the Distillery

I think my dad may be the only person left not on Facebook, so for him, I will post a few more updates here on Blogger to make sure he keeps getting info on the distillery!

We bottled 36 cases of spirits today... 20 of Watershed Gin, and 16 of Mosby's Spirit. The boys were a big, BIG help. They were very self-sufficient, and we only had to show them how to do things once, and they had it! Very professional workers.


Mom said...

WOW! They did an awesome job. I would have had problems getting the labels on straight! One thing you can do with those label rolls. depending on your work space, is to put them on a paper towel or toliet paper roller to dispense them.

Adolfo said...

This is awesome! Also my Dad (in-law) is off of Facebook + I deactivated my account for awhile in fb too. I'll be back as soon as I complete some tasks that are important. I decided.
Anyway, It is AWESOME. Man, Becky RULES!. I can see her ON it! Working really hard, so professional. I am so proud of her- and you too! Again and again, I am impressed as to how you both manage your time to keep on doing diverse tasks. Excellent time management skills. I am proud of you both.
Great pictures Scott, very exciting! We hope we can soon to go there to help/see the distillery.

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