Saturday, February 06, 2010


Snowpocalypse!  That's what the news stations are all calling it.  That moniker may be a little dramatic, but we did get probably 30 inches of snow here.  Last night, we shoveled off five to six inches, which made the tiniest dent in the 24+ inches we shoveled off this morning.  And the snow keeps coming down!  We've probably got another 5-6 inches before I have to go back out there and shovel some more.

Our streets haven't seen a plow since suppertime last night, so the entire cul-de-sac is probably 25-30 inches deep as well.  We're not going anywhere for a while, even if our driveway is cleared!

I'm really glad we got all our work done yesterday at the distillery, because there's no way we're getting out of the house anytime soon.

More photos after the snow plow came:

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