Thursday, February 11, 2010

After the Storm Has Passed

Our Blizzard of 2010 has passed.  Yesterday, it brought us 10-12 more inches of snow, but it was a horizontal 45 mph snow.  Nasty stuff.

This morning, we have large drifts blown up against the huge snow piles from the previous snow, but the places that were cleared are mostly blown dry.  It is still bitterly cold out there, and Frank wasted no time taking care of his business this morning.

On Friday, Mom and Dad come to visit.  We've rolled out the "white carpet" for them!  Dad can handle this snow, but Mom abhors the stuff with every fiber in her bones.  Luckily, the forecasts call for sunny skies this weekend, so we'll keep Mom indoors and full of tequila and she'll be fine.

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