Saturday, January 23, 2010

Production Begins

We finally got everything in place and hooked up--not without a few glitches.  The mash tank works perfectly.  But on the still, we have a motor that was fried when it got here--that will have to be replaced.  There's a tiny leak on one of the sensor probes, and the thermocouple is either faulty or not wired properly, so we had to manually control the heating elements.

Regardless, we were able to produce two batches of rye mash last night and several gallons of pear brandy from a pear wine produced by Doug Fabbioli at Fabbioli Vineyards.

Video says it all:


Mom said...

WOW!! That was incredible!!! Was that last foul looking brew your rye mash?

Anonymous said...

So when do you need pastor mike to come and bless your stuff?

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