Monday, December 28, 2009

We Three Kings and such...

Yesterday was the Christmas Pageant at St. Peter's church. The pageant was a bit chaotic this year. Since the big snowstorm came last Sunday, we had to cancel the pageant and combine it with this week's Lessons and Carols service.

Unfortunately, that also meant that about half of the kids were gone on vacation, and there had to be some last minute subs recruited.

Like me.

As I was milling around the church yesterday morning, the two kings (teenagers Nick and John) were desperately looking for a third king. Liz, the pageant coordinator, looked exasperated. I figured, Okay fine, I can help out.

But I wasn't guaranteeing a great performance. I didn't know any of the lines, and they sprung on me--only after I squeezed myself like a sausage into the king's costume--that I'd be singing too. Nice recruiting, boys.

Who knew that "We Three Kings" had so many darned verses? (I especially like the verse about the "stone cold tomb". Really puts you in the Christmas spirit.)

Of course, Luke and Eddie did great in their parts: Luke as a shepherd, and Eddie as the innkeeper. Eddie did a solo at the beginning, but we didn't get that on video unfortunately. He sang just as sweetly as a lark.

Here is some video to keep you entertained.

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