Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swim Times from Last Week

We did another mini swim meet last Friday. Here are my times with my slower training suit.

50 Free0:30.90
100 Back1:37.01
100 Breast1:26.06
100 Free1:09.16
50 Breast0:41.17

Here are my previous times, for comparison. I've pretty much improved across the board by a very minor bit, with the exception of my backstroke, which I will formally attribute to a time keeping error. (Yeah, that's it.)

50 Free0:30.03
100 Back1:29.62
100 Breast1:28.72
100 Free1:10.53
50 Breast0:42.03

I continue to reach for a 1:05 100 Free and a sub :30 50 Free. Those would be nice times for me.

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