Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mini Swim Meet

Last Friday, we had a mini swim meet at practice. Usually, real meets last all weekend, and are all-day affairs, during which, a swimmer will swim four or five events.

I say that because in this mini meet, we swam seven events in 90 minutes. It was crazy! So my times are a little... well, let's just say there's lots of room for improvement!

200 Free2:36.38
100 Back1:36.43
100 Breast1:32.25
200 Breast3:20.75
50 Free0:33.37
100 Free1:12.60
200 Back3:39.13

Update: It's good to have goals, so here are what my near term goals would be for these events, hopefully achievable in a one year time frame. I've reached these times before, so this would just be getting me back to my best times.

200 Free2:15
100 Back1:20
100 Breast1:20
200 Breast3:00
50 Free0:30
100 Free1:05
200 Back3:10

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