Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mini Swim Meet

Last Friday, we had a mini swim meet at practice. Usually, real meets last all weekend, and are all-day affairs, during which, a swimmer will swim four or five events.

I say that because in this mini meet, we swam seven events in 90 minutes. It was crazy! So my times are a little... well, let's just say there's lots of room for improvement!

200 Free2:36.38
100 Back1:36.43
100 Breast1:32.25
200 Breast3:20.75
50 Free0:33.37
100 Free1:12.60
200 Back3:39.13

Update: It's good to have goals, so here are what my near term goals would be for these events, hopefully achievable in a one year time frame. I've reached these times before, so this would just be getting me back to my best times.

200 Free2:15
100 Back1:20
100 Breast1:20
200 Breast3:00
50 Free0:30
100 Free1:05
200 Back3:10


Dad said...

These times don't look so bad. What it says to me is that you are in pretty good shape. If you take ech of your 100M times and double them, and then compare to the 200M times, you can see you didn't drop off too much in the second hundred meters. That is a tribute to your conditioning. Congratulations.

Scott said...

It's a good point. Although I'm not achieving that elusive "negative split" (where the second half is faster than the first half), I'm not too far from even.

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