Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Love Firetrucks!

This little baby is making me rich!

I filmed this video way back in 2004, when Luke was a mere tiger cub. It's nothing special really, just one of the hundred or so home movies I have on YouTube. But it's been on YouTube, the video has gone viral and has reached over a quarter million viewers. Somewhere around the 200,000 mark, back in August of this year, Google sent me an email asking if I wanted to enroll it for "Revenue Sharing". Heck yeah!

So I signed it up in my Adsense account. Up to this time, I had made a grand total of $100 in the three years of having an Adsense account, mostly from advertising on my blog. Not much really. Just a few cents a day.

But now, with this cash cow video, I'm earning over $3 a day, most days, and the proceeds seem to be accelerating! At this rate, we may earn $300-400 a year!

See, Google pays us a little bit if the video is viewed (with ads), and a little bit more if the video ads are clicked, and it pays a portion of the sales proceeds if something is bought. So, man, I am just WAITING for someone to buy one of those firetrucks! We'll be set!

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