Saturday, September 05, 2009

Virginia Scottish Games 2009

We had a spectacularly sunny day today for the Virginia Scottish Games. This year, the games moved east to Great Meadows in The Plains, Virginia. This proved a more accessible venue, being conveniently located just off I-66. There seemed to be more vendors and more selection of foods at the games, which is always a good thing.

We got in free this year by volunteering to help with the children's highland games. Not only was it fun to lead the kids in the bale toss, the brick toss, the caber toss, and the discus throw, but we only had to work an hour to get the entire day free.

Luke and Eddie enjoyed helping the littlest children by showing them what to do and passing out ribbons. I let Eddie do most of the photography during these events, and he did a great job capturing the events.

We also finally convinced Eddie to purchase a kilt of his own--the Royal Stuart tartan. I think the new tartan suits him very handsomely!

We had a great time this year! Here are a few photos and videos of our day.

Sizing up the caber before a toss.

Me and my boys.

One of Eddie's pictures, a caber, mid toss.

Instructing the wee lads and lassies.

Luke let's the littlest competitors choose their own ribbons.

At the sheep dog trials.

A tightly bunched herd.

A handsome highland laddie in his Royal Stuart tartan.

Enjoying the day at the games.

The British car show is also a big hit--especially the 1962 Aston Martin.

Each boy enjoyed a moment in the driver's seat.

Luke is ready to hit the road! (Over my dead body!)

As the day started, the pipe bands strutted out to Scotland the Brave. I just love the sound of the massive pipe bands.

The competitors will toss a heavy weight for distance. I've tried it, and it is impossibly hard. I couldn't even get the weight above my belt.

When it comes to tossing the caber, the object is to get the caber to toss once over and then to land straight. If you imagine a clock face, and the thrower is at the six o'clock position, the object is to get the caber at twelve o'clock--that's a perfect throw. Ninety percent of all throws never even flip over, and are thus unsuccessful or disqualifying throws. This is one of those unsuccessful throws.

Here is a very good caber toss. It successfully flips end over end and lands in the one thirty position, a pretty good throw. This could very easily have been the best throw of the day.

Luke tried his hand at the caber, and amazed me with a perfect toss! It lands perfectly at twelve o'clock. Very nicely done, indeed!

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