Saturday, August 01, 2009

Third Week in Wisconsin

During the final week in Wisconsin, Becky took the boys over to the Chaos Water Park in Eau Claire. Since we didn't get to go to the water park near the Mall of America, it was nice that they could go to this one a couple days later. It's funny, but in Minnesota and Wisconsin, all the water parks are indoors. I guess that's because summer lasts for six weeks up there.

Eddie enjoyed riding around on Grandpa's tractor, and informed me that he would be buying himself one for driving 'round the neighborhood. I'm thinking it would be just fine... when he's sixteen. That can be his car. I can just see him picking up his date for a high school dance on his lawn tractor. At least he can't speed on it!

Final picture here is of the last day... everybody is pooped at the Fairfield Inn in South Bend, Indiana.


Matt and Deachi said...

Frank looks worn out! :)

Mom said...

Live & learn from your parents - give your kids a diesel VW Rabbit that only goes 50mph on a downhill with a good tailwind. An added bonus is its center of gravity is lower to the ground. It lasted a lot longer than the Bronco II Dad decided to leave with us while he was at camp!

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