Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camp Nana

We had a very nice visit with the family in Minnesota this week. The larger Harris family stayed in a cabin at the Shing Wako Resort in Brainerd, MN. This was an especially nice visit, since we really had not gotten to know the two youngest cousins, Joshua and Cooper, before this. They have really grown now, and developed quite the personalities.

Joshua is the closest kid of all the Harris kids (mine included) to being a clone of me, both in looks and personality. He is a very bright child, but has a wild streak a mile wide. But behind his occasional tantrum lies a very intelligent child who misses nothing!

Littlest Cooper was quite a character. For some reason, my little three year old nephew took to me immediately. At dinner, he insisted that I sit by him, and he stayed on me like glue the whole first day. When I asked him if he knew who I was, he of course, said "No."

I told him, "I'm your Uncle Scott," to which he replied, "Oh, I have an Uncle Scott, but he lives far away."

Later in the day, Cooper cheerfully informed me that I was a "big fat guy" and had a "big fat head like a pickle." I tell you, I did not find this insulting in the least! I was rolling with laughter (like a tub full of jelly, I suppose). Later, as Cooper walked in on me changing out of my bathing suit, he also informed me that I had a big fat "peanuts". Nothing like keeping it real, Cooper!

Emma and Nathan have grown too, but they are still the same sweet kids we already knew. It was nice seeing how our own kids, Eddie and Luke, paired up and repaired up with the various kids through the week. Everybody really got along well, and it was nice to see them truly enjoying each other.


Merrick said...

I was noticing in some of your pictures from the other day that Joshie looked a lot like you!

That Cooper sounds like a funny little dude :)

Corry & I were just having a converstaion about Joshie & Cooper yesterday. When she wasn't busy puking last summer, she had a really great time with both of them.

Glad all the cousins had fun together - I love that picture of the group with their silly faces.

Matt and Deachi said...

Ahhh the brutal honesty of a three year old. LOL At least in the end you got a compliment or did you have a bag of peanuts on your night stand?
Sounds like you all had fun.

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