Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome Home, Eddie!!

Eddie is back from camp! Hooray! We all missed him SO much! (Even Luke, though he won't admit it!)

It seems Eddie had a good time at camp, though mixed with periods of homesickness, no doubt. He kayaked, swam, went tubing, and even got to drive a motorboat!

When he got home, he and all his stuff were covered in filth! We immediately put him in the shower and scrubbed him from head to toe!

We joked all week that since Eoin and Eddie were sharing tents, it would be physically impossible for them to get their clothes mixed up. This is because Eoin is about twice as big as Eddie. But sure enough, wouldn't you know, when they got back, Eoin was wearing one of Eddie's shirts? He was squeezed into that thing like a Hooters girl in hot pants.

And now that Eddie is home and feeling much better, do you know what he wants? Sushi!

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