Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick Travel Workout

One of the things that always bugs me is when I check into a hotel that has no fitness equipment, or worse (and more common), crappy and broken fitness equipment.

So I went out searching for a quick hotel workout last night on the Internet. I stumbled across this video from Craig Balantyne of Turbulence Training:

Here's the basic workout:

WARM UP (12 reps each)
- Prisoner squat (arms up, shoulder blades together, sitting back into chair)
- Push ups
- Stick ups (warm up upper back) - pushing back shoulder blades, stretch chest

MAIN SET (12 reps each)
- Step up onto bed, go down deep on down side, each leg.
- Close grip push up
- Split squat (knee down to floor)
- Wide grip push up (helps abs a bit)
- Good morning (waiters bow), stick out hips, stretch hams, squeeze gluts
- Spider man climb (like mountain climber, but knee above elbow)

I did two reps of the main set in my tiny little hotel room. It was a surprisingly good workout for dumbbells or weight machines. I was definitely sweating when it was all done!

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