Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Last Gasp of the Weekend

We got home from camping at 2:30, and I immediately had to mow my yard. This was because at 4:00, we were expected to be at the Cub Scout Advancement Picnic. So, I rushed through the yard in record time, while Becky and the boys put all the camping gear away. I slapped on a clean shirt, grabbed Luke, and we headed over to recognize the boys moving from Bears to Webelos. But Luke and I were so pooped, that we couldn't stay to eat. We came back home and collapsed.

It's been a very busy weekend! We were supposed to also have a choir picnic tonight, but luckily, one of the hosts got swine flu (or something like it), so they canceled it. Thank God for that!


Merrick said...

"luckily" one of the hosts got swine flu :) I guess is all a matter of perspective!

Mom said...

Good point Merrick!

Matt and Deachi said...

You know the swine flu kind of helped us out too. It extended our cruise by 2 days when we went in May.

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