Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye Eddie! Have Fun at Camp!

This morning, we said goodbye to Eddie as he is headed off to summer camp. This is Eddie's first summer camp, and his first week away from home without us. I think he was a little nervous about going, but it helps that he'll be sharing a tent with Eoin, who he's known since they were both babies. They're like cousins, the two of them. Plus there are lots of other parents going that know Eddie, so he'll be fine. The troop have all kinds of activities planned--water skiing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, hiking. It's going to be a blast!! But Eddie was a little nervous, and we're missing him already. (Well, maybe Luke isn't missing him just yet.)

We did take advantage of the opportunity, though, being without Mr. Sensitive, to go see the new Star Trek movie. What a movie! Best movie in a decade!

Have fun at camp, Eddie! And come home safe and sound (and hopefully, with all the stuff you took with you).


Matt and Deachi said...

I hope he has a good time at camp!!

Mom said...

I know Eddie will have a great week. Hopefully there are enough people there that he know that it will help him overcome any homesickness he has. It usually starts 2-3 days after the kids arrive. They get "real" physical ailments. Most of my "patients" as a camp nurse were kids that were homesick.

Mom said...

I looked at the picture of Eddie leaving for camp again. I couldn't help but notice that HUGE smile on Becky's face! Proud Mama or Happy to have one less kid for the week?

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