Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eddie's 5th Grade Promotion

Eddie "graduated" from 5th grade tonight. He, with most of his classmates, was one of the first kids at Mountain View. They called his class the "First Crew Through" because these kids were the kindergarteners when the school opened.

Eddie had a great time tonight. He was all smiles.

Mary C. from down the street--and one of Eddie's friends--won the Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award. This award is given out to only one child in every school. And it could not have been given to a nicer girl!

The fifth grade teachers of Mountain View: From left, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Applin, Ms. Khosla, Ms. Simmers, Ms. Nesselrodt, Ms. Virts, Mr. Rahn, and the principal, Mr. Martin.

A good shot of the very photo-shy Ms. Virts.

Good job, Eddie!

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