Monday, June 01, 2009

Camping at Greenbrier

You couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend last Saturday. The sun was shining; there was a nice little breeze, and not a bit of rain. Well, almost.

The weather had been forecast for clear and sunny all weekend, so I thought it would be nice to sleep in the tent without the rain fly on. That would let the breeze blow through the tent better, and keep it from being so stuffy.

Becky warned me though. She said, "You watch, it'll be two in the morning, and you'll be putting the fly on in the dark!"

You know, I hate it when she's right. And she's always right.

Sure enough, at two in the morning, I start to hear this little "tic tic tic" of tiny droplets hitting the tent. So I reach over to where Eddie was sleeping under one of the screened portions, and felt for rain, and sure enough, there was a light mist coming down.

Gathering my shoes, I lumbered outside the tent and began searching for the rain fly. Just when I realized it was in the locked minivan, and I had NO idea where the keys were, Becky hit the remote and unlocked the van. Good, she was up. So I began fumbling to get the rain fly on, luckily with Becky's assistance.

Good thing we did it too, because it then rained for the next couple of hours!

Apart from the early morning shower, the weather was actually quite nice. The boys played in the lake both Saturday and Sunday, and the camp food (hobo dinners and pancakes for breakfast) were delicious! And Eddie and Luke got to enjoy some fresh air before summer sets in getting really hot.

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