Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big News! Introducing Catoctin Creek...

I guess we finally have to let the cat out of the bag. Becky and I have decided to start a part-time microdistillery. Yes, an actual distillery making liquor, liqueur, hooch, the good stuff!

See, we found out about this small business contest with Sage Software, and the contest requires us to produce a short promotional video. Becky did most of the script, and I pieced together the music and images.

Now that it's on YouTube, all of you fine people get to vote for us. If we win, we get some funding to help us start our business! So please, go vote! You can even vote every day for our video! Bookmark this page and please add us to your morning routine:

Here's more about what we're up to:

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company is the first family-owned microdistillery in Loudoun County Virginia since before prohibition. Producing high quality organic spirits and liqueurs: Brandy from Virginia wines, vodka from locally farmed potatoes, rye, and wheat. At Catoctin Creek, high quality and organic spirits and liqueurs are our passion.

This adventure will be a part-time job for us--definitely not quitting the day job! There's no money in the liquor business until at least ten years down the road. But we're taking the long view on this, and doing something we love.

Stay tuned, as there's much more to come!


Matt and Deachi said...

This is very cool! I can't wait to try it!!

Mom said...

Hands down your commercial is the best one!!! I love the formatt, illustrations & background music. You all did a lovely job producing this. The bottle labels are striking as well. The final picture of Catoctin Creek was breathtaking. I'll vote everyday. Good Luck!

Dad said...

Makes me want a drink right now. You are currently leading the vote with 154! Great news. Would you send me a bottle of that great organic vodka made from your local potatoes. You know the address.

Mike said...

You know liquor is of Satin! I hope the God of love has mercy on your soul. I hope you win too. I can't wait to taste it and bless it as it goes out the door. A work place chaplain not only prays for prosperity of the work place, but helps the employees find meaning and purpose as the secular world of work and the sacred beings as we are created merge into oneness and wholeness with the divine. May the peace of Christ be with you.

I will send you my resume and benefit requirements.

Ps I do marketing and sales too.

Scott said...

Yes, Rev. Mike, I see you do sales and marketing, but apparently not spelling.

"Satin!" Priceless! :-)

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