Friday, May 22, 2009

Climbing Rose Season

Last autumn, I decided not to clip back the Zephirine Drouhin roses totally. These roses are climbing roses, and in years past, I'd clipped them down to about 12" each fall. This year, however, I left them somewhat tied into the slats of the deck to see what they'd do.

I'm really glad I did! The roses have never looked better, and are hugely prolific this year! And just opening the door to the deck, you are knocked over by the sweet scent of these wonderful roses. (And pug.)

I like to think that I'm making Grandpa G.--the consummate rose man--proud.


Barry said...

very nice

mom said...

What beautiful roses. I planted some here after I saw yours. They never did grow. I think the climate is too severe for them! Now I only plant the winter hardy proven roses for this frozen tundra they call MN. My choices are extremely limited - red or light pink wild rose looking roses.

Merrick said...

The roses look great & it looks like Frank enjoys them as well.

Matt and Deachi said...

The roses are beautiful Scott!

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