Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Afternoon of Baseball and Soccer

I failed to mention that last Saturday, we won our first soccer game! I wish I had photos from the game, but being coach and all, I can't really take any photos. My friend Clarence has offered to come out and photograph some of our games, so hopefully, I'll get some good shots soon.

The "Toasterines" are really playing well, and they deserved their first win last weekend. All my boys, and half of them have never played before, are really learning the game well and playing their positions. I'm proud of them.

My boys decided that if they won a game, they'd dump ice on me as coach. Yet, when we won on Saturday, none of them had the forethought to bring ice. They had the gall to ask if I had any ice.

I told them, "I'm not bringing a coffin to my own funeral! If you want ice, you bring it yourselves!"

Undeterred, the boys craftily convinced the other team to lend us the ice from their cooler, which was quickly dumped on my back. I didn't mind the ice so much, but the four inches of ice water I could have done without!

Nevertheless, Luke was thrilled with his first win of the season, and even more so that his friend Clay from school came to watch his game.

Therefore, tonight was Clay's baseball game, and he asked Luke to come and watch. So that's what we did.

We had the benefit of getting to watch not only the boys' baseball game, but also a girls' soccer game. Actually, Eddie's friend Diana was playing soccer, along with Katya from church. And in Clay's game, there were a whole bunch of boys from Luke's class, church, and cub scouts. So we pretty much knew almost everybody at both games.

That's the nice thing about living in a small town.

Anyhow, here are some photos from the games. The baseball ones are mostly of Luke's friend, Clay, and the soccer ones include Katya (from church) and Diana (Eddie's friend). I particularly like the one where Clay is hitting the ball. That was a perfect capture!

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