Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Flowers

Spring is back, and here to stay, I think. I took off work today for Good Friday, and had some extra time to walk around the yard and photograph some of the flowers that have popped up in the past week or two.

The first thing you notice in my yard is the spread of around 500 daffodils that the boys and I planted last autumn. The hillside is gorgeous with them, although the two different varieties that I planted have decided that they bloom several weeks apart. This leaves a big stripe of emptiness when the King Alfred's are blooming, but before the others--the yellow ones with orange trumpets--come in. I may have to move them around after they've died back, just to blend things in a little bit.

The dutch hyacinth have bloomed, as has the pulmonaria and the so-appropriately-named Lenten Rose (or hellebore), blooming this last weekend of Lent.

I've already got shoots from the peonies, and the tulips should be abloom next weekend. The roses have all leafed out, the bleeding hearts have shot up, and I've already pulled in a dozen shoots of asparagus.

Ahhhhhhh, Spring!

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