Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photos from Sean and Sharon's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Sharon and Sean! I'm glad you are both 40, and I'm not!

Here are some photos from last weekend's party (the one at Sean and Jess's house, not the 1am carousing at Houlihan's).

Leslie, Becky and Pam drove up for the party. This was the biggest part of the surprise.

I'll note that my wife is the only one drinking. What a lush!

Desi, Craig and Patrick

Jess, Sharon and Sean. It's so amazing how Sharon has kept her red hair this long, even though her twin is now so gray!


Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your very liberal friend!!! If God had wanted us to have gray hair, he wouldn't have given us hair-dye!

sharon said...

Clean living and an open liberal mind keeps my naturally curly hair red. Sean is an worrier. He worries about, my clean living open liberal mind.

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