Sunday, March 01, 2009

Big Shout out to Marjo and Liam in Wales!

Sharon and Desi lent me a nice DVD which they received as a Valentine's gift from their family over in Wales--Liam and Marjo. I just wanted to say "Hello" to you both over across the pond, and to thank you for reading the blog and thank you for sending the Burns documentary from BBC-4.

Keep checking the blog, and I'll keep posting pictures of your two favorite Virginians from time to time.


Adolfo said...

Sharon reminds me of a two actresses: Julianne Moore and Julia Robert- so photogenic.

I was a bit puzzled with the note. I had to click on the picture to find out. Is the note written on a toilet paper? kinda cute! :o)

Scott said...

No, the note is just on some decorative card stock.

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