Saturday, February 28, 2009

Over The Rainbow

This has been a busy week for Eddie and his music. First, he finished composing his first piece of piano music, the Waltz of Roses. Then, last night, he performed Over the Rainbow at his school talent show, and later today, he'll be performing his two recital piano pieces for the Virginia Piano Festival. All that, and he's still practicing for the All County Chorus and performing at church in the choristers. My boy has a busier tour schedule than Britney Spears!

Last night's talent show was amazing. The format was really good. Each act, and there were 50 of them!, was introduced by the comedy of Mr. Rahn, Mr. Chandler, and Ms. Delashmutt. They were pretty hilarious through the night.

The kids were great. There were lots of kids playing the piano, a few singers, lots and lots of girls dancing, and one very cute girl singing America the Beautiful with her guitar. Very patriotic.

But the star of the show for us was Eddie. Oh, Eddie. Words fail me. He literally brought the house down. They put him on as the last act, and the crowd was starting to get restless during the three hours we'd all been sitting there, but when he started, everybody hushed.

As he sang, the ladies who sat behind me, who were chatting annoyingly during several of the previous performances, sat silent until one of them whispered, "This kid can sing."

And as Eddie reached the end of his song, there's a point in the song after the last chorus, where he comes in softly with a chorus repeat where he hits his "big money" note, well, let's just say that he didn't get to finish that. Thinking the song was ending, the crowd went so wild with applause so that he couldn't continue. See for yourself in the video here.

Eddie, your Mom and I are so proud of you! Now, you out there watching this video, go grab a box of Kleenex first.

After the show, we were swamped in the hallways with people telling us "Good job, Eddie!" And Eddie himself even noted with some surprise, "Even my enemies told me 'Good job!'"

It was a very special night.


mdautrich said...

Wondeful!!! I am super duper impressed - and Aunt Terry will be so excited to hear his song of choice!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, bravo!!! First the Waltz of Roses and then a solo. You are amazing!!! I would have loved to have heard the ending of the song as well. Did you know my favorite song is the song you performed in the performance? I am so proud of you!!! When you become world famous, may I go on tour with you? I personally don't have the talent, but I could turn the music pages for you! Love, Aunt Terry

Adolfo said...

EXCELLENT! Well done Eddie! I can't wait to see you performing live next time we see you!
Tio Adolfo

Adolfo said...
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Adolfo said...

btw, I LOVE the last picture- FABULOUS!- soo glittery!

Nana said...

OMG!!!! That was so beautiful, I was moved to tears. Eddie your voice is such a gift, obviously not inherited from Nana or Grandpa Warren. You have the voice of an angel! I made Grandpa listen to this at home so he wouldn't cry at work when he listened to you singing!

Nana said...

I just can't get enough of Eddie singing this song! I cry everytime I hear his beautiful voice. He can sing it at my funeral.

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