Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lemons and Rats

Luke and his rat were bonding today. Fred very much likes it when Luke wears his hoodie. She gets in behind his neck and nuzzles in where it's tight, and Luke likes it too because she's so toasty! Fred crawls all over him during these cuddling times.

I still have about a half dozen lemons on my Meyer lemon tree. The whole tree is covered in spider mites right now. This is not unusual; we almost always pick up some kind of pest during the winter months. I'm just glad it's spider mites and not whiteflies or scale. The latter two are really difficult to get rid of. Spider mites are easy; we just spray it down with isopropyl alcohol, which is relatively benign (i.e. organic) stuff. No poison necessary.


Mom said...

Cute pictures of Luke & Fred. It looks like they were both enjoying the cuddle time.

I keep forgetting to tell you how delicious your Meyers lemons were. They are so juicy. I'm sure they would make great lemonade.

Bonnie said...

An indoor Meyer lemon tree? Cool! I just heard about Meyer lemons from a friend who spent a few days in Florida. I'll have to check it out. Do they need a lot of sun?

Scott said...


Yes, it is indoors, but only in winter. It is in a 10+ gallon pot that we move onto the deck in Springtime. It likes full sun, and the hot Virginia summers. We move it back in by Halloween. Because it is in a container, it is essentially a "dwarf" variety, never getting more than 4' high. But after the first two years it took to establish, it has been prolific with fruit... more and more each year! It has fresh lemons nearly year round now, and when it blooms out (spring and fall), the scent is heavenly!


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