Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scenes outside my window

Here I am, still in Los Angeles. I was supposed to come home last night, but my flight to San Francisco got delayed by one hour, and so I obviously didn't make that connection to Dulles. Ever hopeful, I went standby on the direct flight from L.A. to Dulles, but that one was oversold, and so I didn't get home on that one either.

Apparently, all the Dulles-bound traffic is totally full because of the inauguration next week. There is simply not a flight to be had into Dulles until after the weekend. Since I have to be in Dallas on Monday, I guess I'm just stuck here for the weekend.

One of my travel companions, Jeff, snagged the last seat on the direct flight last night, and so he got himself home by midnight. His premier status must have been more premier than my premier status, so I found myself sitting in the terminal instead of wedged in a middle seat on my way home.

Still, I can't complain too much. My other travel companion, Glenn, had checked his bag, and is now working with United to get his bag delivered back to him here in L.A. before he departs on Sunday for Dallas.

It's been a crazy trip.

Although, I'm not getting much sympathy though from the folks back in Virginia. Apparently, it is about 15 degrees there with a possibility of snow this weekend. Here in L.A., it's a balmy 75 degrees and nice.

Having already checked out of our last hotel, the Courtyard, we moved over to the Airport Marriott. This is a very nice hotel, with three restaurants, a huge outdoor heated pool, and a fitness center to rival most community health clubs. So at least we're suffering in comfort.

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