Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Welcome, Nana and Grandpa

Mom and Dad arrived late last night, one day earlier than originally planned. Earlier this week, when Dad saw that a big snowstorm was going to hit Chicago on Christmas Eve (where they'd be connecting), he decided to look for other travel options.

Scrapping his United tickets (since any other option on United would have cost him over $1000), Dad booked two new tickets on Air Tran for Dec. 23rd. This got the two of them here a day early, for which we're thankful, but it also means that Christmas Eve will be much lower stress than if they were arriving today, only two hours before Christmas Mass.

This morning, the boys and I took Grandpa over to the Purcellville Restaurant for a breakfast of eggs, corned beef hash, and chipped beef gravy. Afterwards, we spent the morning playing Monopoly, Stratego and cards. Meanwhile, Becky toiled in the kitchen making pumpkin pie (with Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey in it!), while Nana checked the Internet for email and to gloat over the traffic delays at O'Hare today, which they deftly avoided.

Later this afternoon, we'll head on over to church to hear Becky and the boys sing at the Christmas Mass, and maybe Dad and Mom will get to meet LTC North.

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