Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trimming the Tree

Today, we finally got all of our decorations up. The boys and I stopped by the fire department today to buy one of their beautiful eight foot Frasier Firs. We buy trees from them every year, since most of the proceeds go to buying the guys equipment for the fire station. It's a good cause, and they have really great trees.

Before we could hang the tree, Becky had to rejuvenate our beloved tree-top angel. All of her lights had burned out, so Becky picked up a new string and dressed up the ol' girl with some new lace trim for her dress. She never looked so good atop the tree.

And with the tree up, we hung all the ornaments and put up the lights outside. Becky has all the garlands hung, the crèche is displayed, the nutcrackers and toy trains are out, and the stockings are hung by the stairs.

Eddie has even decorated the tree in his room with surplus ornaments that were rejected for the big tree. If the ornaments were too 70's tacky, I let Eddie have them. He was happy to oblige. He was overjoyed just to have a tree in his room!

And now... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Chuck said...

Don't you mean 70s fabulous?

Scott said...

You say tomato...

Mom said...

I agree with Chuck! We were in our "hayday" as the old timers say. We were young, skinny & disco , mirror disco balls & liesure suits were huge!

I love the ecclectic look of Eddie's tree.

mdautrich said...

I've always thought it would be neat to have a real tree. Mom is allergic & spent much of her childhood sick as a dog at Christmas until they finally realized it was the tree making her sick - so we have the moster artificial tree instead :) Your house & decorations look great!

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