Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eddie's Geo Bee

Eddie was among about 35 students from his 5th grade class to be selected to participate in the Geo Bee at his school today. Just being selected meant that he scored very highly on the written examination, and had won the right to participate in the oral bee.

Eddie did a fine job, but eventually got eliminated in the fourth round with the following question:

"Which continent borders the Weddell Sea and the Ross Sea?" Answer here.

That was a toughie, especially because it was the first time that particular continent came up in the questions.

But we're really proud of Eddie. It was a real honor even getting this far!

Here are some of the other questions from the bee:

Which of the following states is not in the Mississippi flood plain? Minnesota, Arkansas, or Nebraska? Answer here.

Which of the following states does not have a border formed by a river? New Hampshire, South Carolina or Utah? Answer here.

Which of the following states does not have an international border? New Hampshire, Texas or Mississippi? Answer here.

Which city is in a volcanic region? Nome, Alaska or San Juan, Puerto Rico? Answer here.

Those were some pretty tough questions!

I should also point out that Luke got an honorable mention in his 3rd grade geography bee test.

Way to go, boys!

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