Sunday, December 14, 2008

Company Holiday Party

Every year, Becky and I get ourselves dressed up and head down to Fairfax for my company party. My company has grown so much. Six years ago, this party was a hundred people at the country club in Centerville, but now we have over five hundred filling up the huge ballroom at the Fair Oaks Marriott.

Since Becky and I are not natural minglers, we just hung tight with the people in my department--Barry, Jeff, Glenn, Tanya and Rachel. It was nice to meet everyone's spouses, although Glenn came stag--or should I say, his date was the bottle of 12 year Glenfiddich he cradled in his arm like a small baby.

Dinner was pretty good. We had salmon, green beans with slivered almonds, potatoes, salad, and some cheese soup that had me looking for the nacho chips. Dessert was the standard fare of tortes and cheesecakes. All of it was standard hotel fare, but the price was right (free!), so I certainly wasn't turning my nose up at any of it!

We had just reached the lull in the evening, when all the small talk had been spoken, and Becky and I were just about to depart, when a bunch of people started calling out my name.

"Scott Harris! Scott Harris!"

The president of our company was doing an awards ceremony in the other ballroom, and apparently, I had won something! Hooray! I won something! I never win anything!

I pushed my way through the crowd--a crowd of people I mostly didn't know. As I emerged from the crowd, my kilted self became visible to Terry, our president.

His face took on an expression which said, "Why did we hire this guy back?" But as he handed me my prize and shook my hand, he simply requested that I not reveal what was under my "skirt." Fair enough!

As I walked back to Becky, I opened my prize to find a crisp $100 bill! Ben Franklin, I love you!

So, we were pretty much up for the night. Considering Becky didn't buy a new dress for the party, and I didn't either (!), and I only spent a couple bucks on tips to the bar man and coat girl, we did pretty well for the night. Better than Vegas.

The boys stayed with Pam and Phil for the night, and they took the kids to see the Light Festival at Bull Run State Park. The boys really enjoyed the light show. They got to see light displays of Hansel and Gretel, tin soldiers, cannons firing over the road, reindeer flying over the road, BIG boats, and a scene from the wizard of Oz complete with a flying witch.

So it was a great night for everyone.

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