Monday, November 24, 2008

Luke's Letter to

I'm cross posting this on my blog and Luke's blog, since I thought this was pretty cool. Luke wanted to design his own airborne ranger Lego figure (which he named the ubiquitous "Bob"). He carefully selected the body, the weapons, the head gear, and all from his huge pile of Lego people. Then, he wanted to give Ranger Bob some face paint to make him look really tough.

Luke was so pleased with it, he wanted to write the owner of to share his happiness. Here is Luke's letter:

Dear Will:

My name is Luke Harris. I am nine years old. I think that Brickarms are very nice because Lego just doesn't put enough cool guns in their products. I used your M21 sniper rifle to use to build my airborne ranger. In his pack, he's got one of your stun grenades and the spy pistol.

I decided that he needed something more. It was facepaint! So I got some of my dad's model paint, and I painted tan and green stripes on his face. My dad didn't have green paint, so I had to mix blue and yellow together. Then my dad and I took picture of the man, and Dad helped me photoshop the ranger into a jungle scene.

I think it looks cool, and I wanted to send it to you. Thank you again for making the cool Brickarms.



And Mr. Chapman's reply:

WOW! I love it. I love not only the detail on the face paint, but the composition in the shot, as well. Can I post this photo the BrickArms Forums, and attribute it to “Luke Harris”? Please ask your Dad if it is OK, before you email me back, ok?

---Will Chapman : BrickArms LLC


And then Mr. Chapman put his photo on his company forum:

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