Monday, November 03, 2008

Home Improvement -- Progress Report

I took off from work today to try to get done with the new flooring job. I didn't finish--it took a lot longer to move all of Eddie and Luke's stuff (putting it nicely) than I hoped it would.

But I did finish Eddie's room, got his new Ikea furniture installed, finished the reading room, and got Luke's room 75% finished. I still have to do the hallway and boys' bathroom, but most of the crazy angle cuts are behind me, so it should go pretty fast from here on out.


Mom said...

Looks good! Did you just get the boys new beds or are they getting all new bedroom furniture?

Scott said...

New bed for Eddie. New nightstands for both of them. Less than $300 at Ikea for the set of it.

Merrick said...

Your home improvement project looks great! We have found that projects went a lot quicker before we had kids ;)

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