Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Day After...

To all of my Republican family and friends: A Plea for Unity

Every one of you know that I boisterously supported Mr. Obama, but I want to take moment to try to provide you some comfort. I know this is a hurtful time for you right now, and I pray that this Democratic win does not leave you in bitterness, darkness and sorrow.

This man is not your enemy. He is not Satan. He is not Jimmy Carter. He is not a Muslim terrorist. And the world is not ending.

We must come back together as Americans to rebuild this shattered country. If there is one element of Mr. Obama's campaign that struck me most, it was his call for unified and grassroots change. President-elect Obama has never offered government as the solution to all our problems. Rather he asked each of us to make the changes we need starting at home, and in our churches, and in our schools, and in our local government. He called upon us to be better than we were before, to cast aside party labels, gender labels, race labels, social labels, sexual-orientation labels, and to work together as Americans to improve this great land of ours.

The task will be daunting; the challenges are many. But we cannot do it without your help. So, I urge you, as Mr. McCain urged you in his very gracious concession speech, to work with us.

Cast aside your fears. Turn off the TV news. Let us lock hands together and redeem our country.

Help us build a stronger America. For all of us.


Barry said...

Great onion today:

Mom said...

Couldn't you have found someone other than The Dixie CHicks when asking for a reconciliation?

I'm willing to LET "BO" prove to me that he is sincere & what he says he is. For now I have to give him a chance. I still have questions about his qualifications & past associations.

I will say, it was powerful seeing a man of Jesse Jackson, and the other black leaders that have spent their lives working for equality, have such an emotional response. I know they must be feeling, joy & pride.

Scott said...

But I like the Dixie Chicks, and they were right all along: Bush was an idiot. That's all they ever said: Bush is an idiot from Texas and they were ashamed of him. Can't argue with that.

mdautrich said...

I guess I'm an idiot from Texas too. Just testing the comments!

Scott said...

No, Merrick, you're not an idiot. I'm not saying people who voted for Republicans are idiots.

I just don't like G.W.Bush.

Scott said...

After receiving a chastising note from my father, for my impartiality in this election, I wrote this...


I am sorry, but I could not remain impartial in this election. That's just the way I was. Politics consumed me for the last six months. CONSUMED ME. It was an addiction (yes, an addiction!) that I could hardly control. Passions were high.

But I'm done with politics in the blog. Done. There's no more point to it. It's all over, and now we go on.


sharon said...

What was wrong with Jimmy Carter?

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