Thursday, November 20, 2008

Budding Entrepreneur

This is cute. Eddie scratched this up on a recycled piece of schoolwork during dinner last night at the White Palace. He's very creative, and thorough too. Eddie's disclaimers about writing on walls and "not to use for break because of anger" come from direct experience in his class this week.

Perhaps the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett here?


gaz said...

very thorough.
i hope you had the fish and chips from the international corner of the white palace menu. :-]

Scott said...

ACTUALLY, Eddie did, and it was pretty good!

I had chopped beef steak with mash potatoes and onion gravy. Becky had Souvlaki. Luke had an enormous cheeseburger.

Comfort food!

Mom said...

Eddie is a hoot! He is so much like you at that age!

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