Monday, October 13, 2008

Uncle Butch and Vogelbach, Germany in 1971 1972

Here's Uncle Butch, Kimberly, and Aunt Ruth in 1971 1972. I'm pretty sure this video was taken in Germany.

In the early years in Germany, our family lived in Vogelbach with Peter and Elisabeth, our landlords. Peter and Elisabeth would become like grandparents to us boys. They don't show up in this video, but you can see a really good view of their yard by the train tracks.


butch said...

Wow, I was so young and soooooo good looking... thanks Butch

dad said...

The 2d video at Peter and Elisabeths was probably 1972. With Butch and Ruth it was either late 71 or early 72 I think. It may have been the time we visited Ruth's mother in Augsburg.

Scott said...

I'm not sure about the date. The film was located *before* my first birthday party footage, so that is why I placed it in 1971.

Mom said...

The first video was taken at either Mannheim or Augsburg. Butch could probably tell you. The second video is at Peter & Elisabeths backyard. That is our friend, Chit & his son on the bicycles. His younger son is playing with you. That is his Mom, Suzie, a little Firecracker from TX. They were our upstairs neighbors in Landstuhl. Of course that HUGE swell was Mike, amazing since it was probably Sept & Mike wasn't due until the end of Feb.No wonder they thought I was having twins (no ultrsounds back then).

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